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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

What's the point of having it? I pay for it each month, but it does nothing for me in return. Where is all of that money going? Somebody knows, but they won't tell. To pay all of those employees who keep the machine running! So long that there is nothing but collections, all is well. and after fleecing me every month, they don't even pay for the full bill. And, there isn't a add on policy that will, without costing you the same or more. Health care in America is bad for your Health! I live in a Crisis mode every day wondering where all of the money is going to come from to pay my bills this month. I try to live off what little Social Insecurity I get each month, less what the Revenue Dept. steals from me to give to the VA, but it ends up $400.00 short one month, then double the next. I am short over $9,000.00 to pay my bills this month, but I can't get any government help because I "Earn" too much! I Paid for the SS Money, I am not employed by them to earn it back! Why does this government call SS "INCOME" when it's not, it's "REIMBURSEMENT" for all that was previously paid into the system.
This government it broken, and there is nothing looking better for it in the next millennium.

Posted by CP

I recieve Medicare due to disability. I have never had a problem getting through, I call after 6pm and no waiting.
Out of probably 14 people I have spoken with whenever I needed to call over the last few years, all have been polite and helpful except 1 I remember well. She didn't seem to know any answers and did not suggest I speak with another dept.. I was poilite, hung up called back and got someone who answed my question. I have been fortunate it looks like, after reading other comments here.

Posted by Anonymous

this may sound totally strange or far fetched but i know from personal experience late night works perfect and they are patient and real sweet even

Posted by Anonymous

I work in a providers office...I HATE calling medicare...the reps are soooo unsupportive, they never help stating they cannot give us information. Well then whats the point? If I am a provider and I have questions as to how Medicare processed our claims but I cant get info?? what kind of crap is that?? Medicare is bullsh**.

Posted by brend

Honest to God, there is NOTHING worse than having to call Medicare. When you do FINALLY get a live person, they have to transfer you. the next person can't hear you and hangs up. Then you spend another 30 minutes trying to get someone on the phone.
Their mail is the same. When they request something of you, you NEVER EVER get a phone number other than the 1-800 phone number to call for questions.
If there was a way I could get medical insurance without having to go through them, it'd sure please me to no end.

I've been trying to get one claim settled for 9 months. They said the physician was responsible for the bill. I've paid the bill. I got the stuff requested to the department I was told to send it to. Now they send it back to me telling me I have to send in a claim for it. The doctor sent in a claim 9 months ago.

I've had insurance all my life, and honestly, I've never experienced worse customer service anywhere than I have with Medicare.

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