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Customer Service

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 6 for customer service
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

No money i thought it was free

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, will not accept my email for registration/ email verification purposes. I have entered 3 email addresses and nothing works. What gives? This is an annoyance that should not exist. Please let me know what you can do to help.

Posted by Anonymous

Why doesn't this company put their contact information on their website instead of putting existing and potential clients on a goose search. If you cannot be reached when needed then what is the essence of even doing business with a company that lacks basic customer service???

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried several times to join your site. Have been told repeatedly that I cannot use my email address. If this is an omen, as I am already annoyed, then maybe I should shop elsewhere. The email I gave you is the only email address I have. So what seems to be the problem ??? I found a 1.800 number only to be told that you do not work weekends???? Well that's too bad, as I work during the week. I would like to hear back within 24 hours or I look elsewhere. Respectfully, Suzanne

Posted by Anonymous

I have moved. I am trying to create an entirely new profile and updated information but the site isn't allowing me to start as a new subscriber even with a new email address.

Could someone call me to walk me thru it?

Thank you,

Linda Ungerleider


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