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  • How to reach a live person:
    • They say this phone number is only for billing questions, but it is the only way to get a hold of a live person. The only other option is their online support which is basically useless.
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    • 11am - 8pm EST
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    • You can also try 561-594-2140.

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I'm Arlene Ferrera, I been using magic jack for more than 5 years and I always renew my contract using my credit card. Lately last thursday as our magic jack already expired I again panned to extend my contract using my credit card. everytime i made a transaction there was an error and i cannot complete the process. trying to make a success connection i tried to repeat the process almost 11times but of no success, it said authorization code error. In the end will still cannot use the magic jack. it's noted in my computer magic jack screen that it is still for renewal. And 7 transactions of magic jack was charged on my credit card.I want all these transactions be cancelled that's why I need to talk to a customer service person of magic jack.

I called the credit card company and they told us that I made several transactions and it really added on my credits. How could this happened. It really troubles me. Could you please make an investigation on this. As I don't like to pay without really getting the actual services not only mentioning that i paid several times. How could I get the money for the other attempts that i made.I want all transactions made to my card company be cancelled. please call me 2015896099.i want to talk to your customer service so I can give details of the transactions made to my card by your company magic jack.

I am looking forward that you may able to act on this promptly as this situation has given me sleepless nights and prove to me that you are not stealing people's money thru cards. pls call me now
Arlene G Ferrera

Posted by Anonymous

I am able to make calls with my majic jack but the person I am calling can not hear me but I can hear them, what can I do to fix that

Posted by Anonymous

Tech. Support: I have arranged for to be activated by CenturyLink on April 15th, It can be ported on April 16th by Magic Jack. This is a temporary account, so it will only be available for a short window. Thank you--David Jagnow (new customer)

Posted by Dr. Henry Castillo

Hello, my majicjack ready pay renew for 5 years more and allways listed tht I no payed please check my account

Thank you

Henry Evaristo Castillo

Posted by Vera /All

On April 4th 2014 my Magic Jack account was set to Auto Renew but for some reason it did not, this now is my 2nd line that did not auto renew as well, All I am being told by customer service is the account is "under review", I remember when this happen to my first line 1 Year ago for months they never fixed it although I called like 50 times. I just want to say why is the Government allowing Magic Jack to run with such poor or no customer service. They have no after support what so ever and it is unfair for the customer, the way we are put through Magic Jack aggravation. Yes because it's cheap and you can use it while traveling people purchase it but only "God" can help you if it ever stops working.

1. There auto renewal process have issues for some accounts causing it to go into review status.

2. There resolution center, web support and phone support is a waste of time. They have no resolution tools just someone to tell you your case is under review call back in 1 week.

3. Waiting for Weeks or Months to fix a phone line is unacceptable especially if the line is used daily.

4. In this day and age tell me who can be with out a phone.

5. Magic Jack customer service Phone & Web cannot even be called poor more like a waste of time, I would say if they are given a rating from 1 to 10 they are more like -10.

6. The Government need to take ownership and have them adhere to certain standards.

7. Magic Jack have no after support. ( Very Difficult - Worst)

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