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Posted by Anonymous

my lexmark MS510dn says no paper or low paper, it is full on paper. How can i fix this?

Posted by Anonymous

Lexmark has apparently decided it must charge the customer 75-80% of the cost of its device to have its techs provide support for a new unit they shipped in under warranty. The Tech told me point blank he knew how to fix my problem (which frankly is doubtful given that he did not even know how to navigate the device's menu), but would not help me if I did not pay $120 for a maintenance contract on a $150 printer. He never conducted the first troubleshooting process, only wanted to know what I had done and then immediately went into a sales pitch to sell the service contract. This after a previous call had decided to send me a new unit and instructed me to call for assistance in setting the replacement device up. It spent more time trying to explain the "deal" than ever trying to figure out what was wrong with their device. I cannot recommend them to anyone at this point.

Posted by lexmark, Machine Type 4437-WE2,

I bought lexmark printer. Machine Type 4437-WE2, Serial No. I communicated with you online in order to try and resolve the problem. You kept on giving instructions on line to resolve the issue but the problem was not resolved until you promised to contact me after giving me the Print Analysis Results. You never contacted me since then is been a very long time now, please help me. Here are Print Analysis Results:

Posted by Anonymous

Way to hard to find the live chat, still cant find it!

Posted by Larry

I have a Lexmark Pro205 All-In-One printer that I purchased from OfficeMax 1.5 years ago. I run a small business and use this printer along with two others, (HP & Cannon), quite often. I tend to use the Lexmark more because it is wireless and thus more convenient and the ink cartridges are less expensive than the other two printers. I recently started having issues printing in color with the Lexmark. It would not print yellow. I verified this by printing a test page. I first checked the ink levels of the cartridges and replaced the yellow cartridge just to be sure that the ink level was not the issue. I next performed a clean and deep clean of the print head but the printer still would not print yellow. I removed the print cartridges and print head, cleaned the contacts for the print head with an alcohol wipe, reassembled, printed a second test page and the result was the same; no yellow color printed out. I called Lexmark support and only waited a couple minutes before speaking with a representative. I explained what I had already done to troubleshoot the printer. The representative agreed with me that the print head was defective and sent me a new print head along with 3 new XL color cartridges and 1 new black XL cartridge via FedEx. I received the new parts from Lexmark within two days along with a prepaid postage label and clear instructions for returning the defective print head. I simply had to ship the defective parts back to Lexmark in the box I had received my new parts in. I installed the new print head and the new color cartridges and printed a third test page. This time the test page looked great, all colors are printing normally. I want to thank Lexmark for a wonderful support experience. I was very impressed with your high level of professionalism and expertise.

L. Enright, Columbus, OH USA

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