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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Written to their customer support:
My mother spend an insane amount of money buying my children the leappad ultra in order to help my 4 year old catch up to a pre k level and to help my 6 year old with his first grade skills.
While setting it up for me, she was going to purchase 5 apps to get them started. The first problem was that your system rejected her credit card the entire "buy within 2 hours to receive 30% off" period.
I called. They said she had a different name from mine and she needed to call to add her information to the billing information. She called and did this, I was to receive an email within an hour confirming this had been done. 3 hours later, I had no email but attempted to purchase the apps through the leappad as instructed.
There was no billing information on the account. It rejected MY credit card. I called again. They claimed all the errors were due to the CVV number being wrong. Neither of us have EVER had a problem with this on any other online purchases, anywhere. They told me to try again, as I finally received that first email confirming the billing changes were made.
Again, the leapfrog account showed NO billing information in it's records. I tried putting my mother's credit card and mine into the account information and directly into the checkout page. Again nothing but errors.
Called again and was rudely told it was on our end and asked had we checked the bank. Again we told them we had never had trouble with our CVV numbers.
The rep offered to send a report "to determine if the error was on our end or theirs". He told me it would be Monday before we heard back from them. Keep in mind the 30% offer is only good the first day of registration. Keep in mind I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old that will be super excited to have their own tablet but nothing (other than 3 simple apps) to do with it until Monday. I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR DISAPPOINTMENT.
The rep was kind enough to supposedly add a note so that we will eventually get our 30% off, only after I insisted.
My mother called back. There were no supervisors available (naturally). The most she could get out of their indifference was to put a rush on the request. Supposedly we will hear from them this evening instead of Monday. Considering how long the 1 hour email took, I am not holding my breath.
We have already decided that if this situation is not corrected quickly, we will return your product and proceed to spread the word to all of our friend and social networks. It seems ridiculous that your company would disappoint children and cause this much trouble just to RECEIVE money.

5/2/14 : so far they tell me they are 'looking into why my mother's card won't work' and gave me a 20% off coupon for future purchases... not sure how to use it since I can freaking make a first purchase... Also no mention on why MY card won't work on their system. No mention on customer service's indifference to our problem.

5/3/14 : No word. The 30% off offer is no longer showing on our cart. My CC is still not being accepted. My children still don't have the apps they were promised
to play and learn with. I am SO upset with Leap Frog.

5/5/14: Got an email claiming no more problems and to send them a screen or step we are stuck on. Of course the 30% off deal is expired by now and the thing still won't take either of our credit cards. So we get to decide whether to disappoint the kids by taking the stupid thing away and returning it or let them keep an overpriced tablet that we can't add anything to.

Posted by Peggy

I am having difficulty downloading what I need for the Leap Reader Junior. None of the information is helpful because I am not a computer expert. Can you have someone available who can answer a question about downloading what is needed. I will refrain from purchasing other items and tell all of my friends not to purchase Leap Frog items if this can't be resolved. This is for my Great-grand daughter and I don't want to have to take a class in learning how to operate the inner parts of my computer to down load leap frog. P. Walls

Posted by Anonymous

We were so excited to purchase the leap pad for my daughter but when I buy apps, the leap pad doesn't sink up with the new apps, customer service is never available, and the leap pad itself shuts off all the time in the middle of being used. This is the WORST product. I wish I had saved my money, and prevented the frustration that this product has brought my family. Do not buy the leap pad!

Posted by Anonymous

I have gotten the Leap Pad Ultra for my daughter at Christmas and I am not at all happy this product when you have to create a player profile, while that is BS when the tablet can not even let you go past selecting the language to even finish setting up to get to the point when you need to have set up to wifi. I have called customer service about it and all she did was send me an email of what I need to download on the computer. I was trying to tell the girl that I need help getting past the select country before I can even go to the next step.
This system I find it to be expensive enough to get trouble before even turning the dam thing on. Even emailing proved to be pointless...YOU GUYS NEED TO HAVE TECH HELP ON LINE TO AT LEAST KNOW THAT THERE IS AN EMAIL SENT TO GET HELP. Any one who has ultra or wants to get an altra, get an something else.

Posted by aj

I grounded my daughter from her leap pad2 for a month and now it only turns on for a couple pf seconds ive tried multiple time to get a hold of this company with no luck. Wish i would have went with the inotab.

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