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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Kmart;
Your Joe Boxer line of men underwear is great. The are the best cotton thong on the market. However, please consider the color selection that you use for your men's thong underwear. Grown men, not children, usually wear thongs. With that in mind, why do you use print designs that one would expect to be used for little boys in elementary school. MEN DO NOT WEAR THONGS WITH PRINT DESIGNS ON THEM. GROWN MEN WEAR SOLID COLORS.

Also, a little less material on the waist, and on the thong, would make them a little more comfortable.

Thank you for your consideration,

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased Valances With Sears That Was Sold By Kmart. Was Told They Had To Be Shipped Back To Kmart If They Needed To Be Returned. This Was Fine With Me And I Did Have To Return Them Because The Didn't Match. Where I Live We Don't Have A Kmart And The Purchase Was $34 And $38. I Called The 1-800 Number That Was On The Packaging Slip To Request A Return Label Because I Had Free Shipping. Label In Box Had No Return Label It Had Been Peeled Off. Employee Told Me After Putting Me On Hold Several Times He Would Go And Ahead And Request Label And It Would Take Up To 24 Hrs. I Told Him That Was Fine. I Checked My Email And It Stated That The Needed Reason For Return Which Would Have Been On Reason For Return Package Included In Box. I Called Back Monday Of The Following List To See What Was The Reason For Delay And The Person I Spoke To Stated The Can Only Do Return Labels For Damaged Goods That I Was Told Nothing About. She Stated I Could Return The Package To Sears And It Showed In The System That It Could Be Returned To Sears And If They Had Any Problem To Give Them A Call. Took Package To Sears And They Tried To Return Items But They Wouldn't Come Up In There System Because There Was No Return Code. Needless To Say She Called Kmart Customer Service And Explained Everything To Them And The Were Horrible And Very Very Very Rude!!!! Spoke To Case Manager Liz And She Was A Down Right Insult To My Intelligence. I Asked If They Had Noted Anything In The Computer Because I Failed To Get Employees Name Today And She Told Me No That They Don't Record Conversations But My Conversation With Her Was Being Recorded Which I Thought Was Very Strange. She Knew The First Call I Made Was Last Week And Who I Spoke To Richmond Because It Was Noted In The Computer. The Sears Staff Was Very Helpful To Me In Solving This Matter And Will Never Ever Purchase Anything From Kmart Again. I Will Make Sure And Tell Everyone I Know How I Was Treated All Because I Tried To Return Some Merchandise. I Understood What The So Called Case Manager Liz Id#082759 Which Is What She Gave Me Was Saying. At This Point All Of The Back And Forth And Making A Trip All The Way Out To Sears To Return Only To Be Told They Couldn't Return Should Have Very Well Been Taken Care Of Seeing That This Was Such A Small Amount And Not A Million Dollars. She Told Be I Was Responsible For Shipping Even Though I Got Free Shipping And It Would Cost Me About $6 Or $7 To Ship Back If Not More. Makes No Sense At All To Me. Please Retrain Employees To Where Everyone Understands Completely What Their Supposed To Say And Do.

Posted by Anonymous

I gave kmart another chance today. There were 2 lines open. The first line had no customers, but a cart was there. The cashier was waiting for the customer, who was elsewhere in the store. I went to the second line, about four ahead of me. The cashier was on the phone trying to find out about a product. I waited. Finally, the customer was rung through. Next customer. Another problem. Another wait. There was no manager around to help these young cashiers. When this
problem persisted, I abandoned my two carts. I trying to purchase lawn furniture! a tidy sum. I went elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

I was just in the toms river NJ. Store getting easter gifts for my son and picked up a Lego wrestler set that was snickered 12.99 it was not ringing up correctly so the Associate called someone for a price check and they said it was on sale for 17.99. The associate rang it again and said that he had to ask a manager because it was not ringing on sale. They said no it was 29.99. After 40 minutes of shopping and 20 minutes of them trying to get a correct price no one would honor any price even though I said I would expect 17.99 because I understand that people do ticket swaps sometimes. What ever happened to honoring prices and customer service. I feel every time I am in this store there is always some kind of problem that I am always tolerable about whether it's long lines or poor service. In the end I left everything behind and purchased nothing. Instead of about a $70 sale this store did not get anything and I refuse to continue shopping there. There are to many other places to shop instead of dealing with horrible service every time.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I had a very pleasant experience with Melvin in the Palm Bay, FL store. Melvin was friendly and cheerful, telling me it was going to get stormy. He said he would put my cart in the cart corral so that I could get home before the rain started. Melvin is a definite asset to your store. Not too many people go out of their way to be so helpful, so he is an impressive employee.

Posted by Anonymous

04/12/14 at 3 pm I entered the store with my friend and our daughters. During the shopping I had a headache and decided to take a Advil from MY bag, at 3:47 pm we paid at the register. Walking out I get attacked by a man dressed regular asking me what did I take from the store. Without asking me he grabbed my purse from my caradge. I had no idea who he was he didn't have security guard clothing. He checked my bag and of course found nothing. Our daughters are crying scared not knowing what's going on. And he still continued to question me loudly like I'm a theif. I spend $158.62 in your store I am blessed to provide for my family I was not raised nor am I raising my kids to steal. I was embarrassed in front of others, my kids were friten and the rude man in which you hired didn't have the nerve to apologize after he found nothing in my bag. I will file a law suit as well as contact the news. My kids and I didn't deserve to be mistreated.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to compliment Kayla who works at the Watson Glen store in Franklin, TN (3703). I am not proud to say that I gave her a very hard time about why some of my coupons wouldn't scan. She had the manager try and the same thing happened to her. In the meantime a very long line developed in back of me, but I continued to argue and even made her re-total the same order twice. Even though this was very stressful for her and not her fault, she remained very professional and polite.and treated me kindly. The store is closing but I hope you have a place for her at another location. She is an excellent employee and an asset to K-marts.

Posted by Anonymous

AI was just at kmart store number4987 and could not get no help for ovet an hour amd then i wanted to speak to the manager and he wouldnt let me talk and then says to me well im busy what do u want they need real people not a manager that has an attitude

Posted by Anonymous

Your Pinole store seems to enjoy operating with one check stand open. I stood in line behind 15 to 20 people. Some people left the store rather than wait. When we asked the checker for the manager she replied " I don't know where he's at". We continued to wait in line. If Kmarts answer to the tough economy is to run understaffed then you risk losing customers. I won't return and I'm.sure lots of others won't either.

Posted by Anonymous

I visit the Kmart in Bossier,La. The customer service person is so disrespectful and unfriendly. I believe her name is Ja-nita. This was the worst service ever. The manager's are great but the customer service representative person is horrible.

Posted by yaddle

I purchase a service warranty plan for $279.99 and they refused to add those to my Shop Your Way Rewards I would like my $279.99 worth of points please thank you

Posted by Kmart hater

Employees are rude & management is just lazy. One register open everyone I go. Asking for help I got alot of eyes rolls. The manager would not come to the front she claimed to be busy. You lost a customer Yuba city, CA.kmart

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

My story may be too dull to be placed in the newspaper but the worst buying experience in my life should be told. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada and ordered a couch from Sears / Kmart January 20th. After receiving emails that it was "shipped" and "delivered" both of which were lies. As of today March 5th, they still wont issue me a refund or even tell me when I will receive my refund. As a small business owner who can refund an order within minutes, it just goes to show why they both will be out of business soon. This is by far the worst experience of my life and I will tell my story to any and everyone who will listen about the incompetence of Sears / Kmart.

Posted by Anonymous

Im elde women that shop your brownsville texas kmart. I was shopping for my grandaughter and younglady was there in,the infant moving pants and I as for her help and she refuse to help me. Cause she was busy on her phone and say that I had no busy asking for her help. So I left and I as the person at customers her name and her name is Adriana del leon.she should be replace with attuide like that. Unacceptable!!!! That the last I shop there.

Posted by Not Amused

On January 15, 2014 I ordered patio furniture (order #623284707) at Kmart/Sears online. After the initial delivery on January 30, 2014 was cancelled due to a snow storm in Atlanta, my order arrived on February 2, 2014, with two damaged items.

I called customer service that same evening to report the problem, to initiate a return and pick-up of the damaged goods and to order their replacement. Since the Kmart/Sears customer service representative was unable to perform the transaction on her side, we agreed that I should order the replacement online myself and she would waive the delivery fee. While the representative stood by, I reordered online (order # 628792331). Unfortunately, the representative was neither able to process the refund nor was she able to schedule delivery for the replacement order and the simultaneous pick-up of the damaged goods. We parted with the agreement that she would take care of all those issues straight away and follow-up with me promptly. I never heard back from her and my ordeal started.

My ordeal has now been going on for almost one month and is still present. Today, I took time off from work to be present for the delivery of my goods after I received a telephone confirmation of a delivery window for today only to wait in vain without any notification of cancellation.
I have been spending almost a month of hours and days on the telephone and online with Kmart/Sears customer service, whose employees seem not to be adequately trained, disorganized and either not understanding the issue or not willing to understand it. Many of the outsourced customer service representatives, even though full of apologies, have not been able or willing to assist me in this very unsatisfactory matter, and it seems that nothing will be done to resolve it unless I take more serious steps.
I am appalled by the Sears/Kmart modus operandi of treating the customer in such a terrible manner which borders on mockery. Not only have I spend an enormous amount of my time which translates directly in a loss of income but I also gave the company an interest free loan considering that their damaged goods have not been retrieved and therefore my refund not issued and that they cashed my payment long time ago for goods that have not t been delivered yet. I find that fraudulent and unacceptable
I have a copy of the online correspondence with Kmart/Sears customer service but it is too long to post it even though it would highlight the incompetence, mockery and helplessness of the whole customer service group. And the sheer amount of my time that has been wasted. I will not initiate one more telephone call to your company’s customer service; nevertheless, I shall fight this issue via other means until it is properly resolved. Beware consumers!

Posted by Jennifer

Why advertise a sale in a flyer. If you can't get the same price online. When I called customer service they tell me to go shop at the store. Ridiculous!! I'm not shopping at Kmart anymore. Jennifer

Posted by Glenn

A very bad time with k-mart customer service store no. 3071 Toms river n.j.
I am a disabled man and was treated very badly at this store, i was refused a refund even though i have a valid receipt under 30 days and even after talking with the nite assistant manager, WOW NOT K-MART i will never shop any of its stores again also i will inform everybody that will listen about this, i wonder how many customers will agree? GOOD LUCK K-MART.......

Posted by resel08

Well kmart just lost another customer. I purchased 2 quarts of motor oil a couple of weeks ago. Used my credit card. Had my sister return the oil to day. She was told she could not return it unless she had the credit card. Really. The oil was on sale and didn't cost more than $4.00. I spoke to the customer service rep to find out if they would give my sister a store credit. Nope she says i would have to come in the store myself and return the oil. The policy is on the back of teh receipt. Ok but had i brought that same oil at Walmart using my credit card and my sister returned it she would have had no problem. That's it no more kmart for me. It's worth driving the extra 3 miles to go shop at Walmart. Lower prices , easy return policy, cleaner store and nicer sales people.

Posted by Anonymous

all you people that are offended by the commercial need to get a life. it's very funny and many agree. guess the women in bras and sexy underwear is ok. bet your husbands laughed.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I went shopping in one of your stores !In honesdale pa. One of your associate was very helpful and nice.I just wanted you guys to know that she was awesome her name was marie at store 3885.Please recognized this associate for her job and customer service! Had a very pleasant time in the store. To this associate I say thank you for all her help.! Mr Rivera.

Posted by D. Farr

My husband purchased a car battery for just over $134.99 plus tax, mid of this year, and it is December and the battery was defected, holding no charge. The battery had a 2yr warranty, therefore he made efforts to seek reparation from the store. The purchase was verified via the scanned item, and Kmart rewards system and the original store stated they could do an exchange, his only intention. The store located on Orchard Park RD. did not have it and a service representative then contacted the store on Walden Ave. Buffalo, NY. He/She confirmed the product and he drove nearly 20 minutes away to the location. Upon arrival, the service representative stated that they did not have the battery at that site. He was directed to the manager on staff 12/26/13, 7pm (Walden site) whose first name was Blaine, be advised that the spelling may not be exact. The manager very uninviting, quite rude, and had no sympathy for the customer, my husband. He could not empathize with his situation and anxiety due to a highly unsatisfactory experience and product, and stated that his mood was a result of meeting the need of many staff "calling off" the day after Christmas. Managers are to be trained to address such dilemmas and most certainly should not project that aggression onto a customer who had been making an effort to address a problem since 3pm that same day. The end resolve was that a Cashier who on the receipt name is Cindy, refunded him a gift card of 73.95, claiming it to be a "depreciated value" clause. He had to travel to another distributor, Auto Zone, to purchase the item, they took the battery, and our only option it to return to the store as consumers because we were only given a gift card. Customer care/service at it common, worst. After the gift card use, Kmart with not be a place we will ever frequent, and it cast a grey cloud over their sister store, Sears. To sum it up, no battery, an offensive refund, and poor service!
So much for "K-mart smart".

Posted by Joaniedrn

I am Appauled by the Joe Boxer Ad. How completely inappropriate for the season! Not to mention for television at anytime! I have a two year old at home who has seen this ad. What exactly is it your company is trying to do to our children by having a group of men shake their genitals to Christmas music? I am a firm believer in God and let me say to you this was low even for your marketing team who obviously does not!

Posted by vmd

I just saw the completely inappropriate Joe Boxer ad on television last night. This offensive piece of homosexually themed garbage has ensured that I will never again be a Kmart customer. I have no idea what your marketing management are thinking by designing and airing this tasteless type of message.

Posted by Jaycee

I agree with all of the people complaint about the Joe Boxer commercial. It is lewd, crude, and offensive. WTF, men jingling their "balls" as bells!! If that's the best you can come up with to sell men's boxers, then I see why you're going out of business! Good riddance, I won't be shopping sears or kmart! Poor customer service anyway. As for the comments from Jameson, his comparison is apples and rocks! I wouldn't dare say apples and oranges as they are both fruit! As to his comparison to the Trojan commercials, they are in context to the product they are selling! All boxers are roomy and you don't have to shake your balls to "jingle Bels" to prove it! You don't see the Victoria Secret models shaking their breast to advertise bras!!

Posted by Dustyblond

I don't see anything wrong with their commercial. It is very comical. Are you offended by the Trojan condom commercial that aired on TV? ? Are you also the Victoria Secret commercial.?; those two commercials they have very little clothes on also. There is one thing I can say about the Kmart Joe Boxer commercial. They were better dressed then Victoria's Secret ladies. ( at least they had more clothes on )!!!!!!
And maybe if Joe Boxer decides to do shirts and a hoodie.
With Joe Boxer men and their balls on the back of the t shirts or some Hoodies. I think they would go over like hot caks. And I would be first in line

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