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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir ibought a Kia Rio from Big Red Imported cars the service was great but when i took my car to get a oil change because i was having problem with the milage i bought my car July 30 2014 i havent had my car a year yet and it has 17,000 miles on it i haven't been on a road trip i only drive my car from home to work and back, i did let the service department know about this problem and he said that they have been having problems with the milages on the Rio i took my car back for another oil change and this same person said that the milage was right it couldn't be i havent been out of the state and something is serious wrong with my car i had a talk i went back to take the extended warranty off my car and i talk to Fred who would not give me his last he was rude and wasn't concern with my proble with my car his stament to me was it was not a Big Red problem it was a Kia problem and for me to get in contact with Kia not Big Red i am so uoset about this matter i am retired military member and to have someone working at a Car Dealership that don't car about it customer that is a Dealership that i wouldn't with all i want is to have my car repaired with the milages issued 17000 miles and never been out of state something is wrong with my car and something need to be done about my car to correct the problems i would like for someone from your compay the send me a phone call at 405 882-2762 so this problem canbe taken care of like i said before Mr Fred said that it wasn't a Big Red Car Dealership problerm but a Kia problem i am so upset i always wanted to buy a Kia and i need but not the problem that came along with it Sincerely Yours Geraldine Harris

Posted by Manojith

I am facing frequent problems with my new KIA RIO . Two times vehicle has got stuck on road due to starting problem.
1st time there was problem with fuel pump as per service center AJMAN and this time am yet to know what is the problem. I am not interested to continue with this vehicle due to this frequent problems.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a 2011 Kia Sorento . The salesman never fully explained how the vehicle worked. So I read manual cover to cover to become familiar. Unfortunately, I was not aware that all the locks on this vehicle were not locking when I press to lock until my vehicle was vandalized.
After taking it back to the dealership several times I learned that as long as you are near the car and have the car button key in your possession the rear door won't lo k until you are a good distance away What kind of foolishness is this; your vehicle should lock completely whether you are near or far. Buyers beware of a rear door faulty locking system on this model.

Posted by akabob007

MY 2012 KIA forte has only 23,662 miles on it and i just got back from KIA service dept. and they informed me that i will be needing four (4) new tires because they are worn out, and my front brake pads need to be replaced, I almost had a heart attack, Two years old and all four tires are worn, The service manager told me that they don't put premium tires on new cars, I didn't know what to say, I called the tire manufacturer and they told me that there are NO mileage warranty on the tires only if defected, (HANKOOK TIRES) What a crock. So KIA owners beware of the lack of warranty on your tires, Looks like the tires on my car was only 24,000 mile treads on them. 11 Hyundai never had a problem, !st KIA and I will never buy another on again. can't wait to trade this lemon, Thank you KIA for your understanding in this matter........

Posted by Anonymous

I enjoy the KIA Optima but I'm shocked that the side mirrors that break off easily aren't covered by warranty.

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