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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I leased a 2013 sportage recently. I have back problems but did not realize that when I got the kia that the ride was so rough-it picks up even small bumps in the road. The sporage has a lot of good features BUT the rough ride negates all the other good things. Is there anything that can be done to soften the ride?

Posted by pissed off

Been stranded for over two hours in the middle of the night in toledo ohio waiting on a tow because the new kias do not come with spare tires when u get a flat. That's correct, a tow because of a flat tire. I would have been on my way if it weren't for the fact they short change you on a spare. The customer service line is no help at all. Forget kia, this is my third and last car I buy from that cheap company. The inflate kit they include instead of a tire is useless, I'm warning everyone away from them, what a waste of time and money.

Posted by sandymonroe38

I recently went too my KIA dealership in Monroeville PA ,I was not sure I could trade in my car but the salesman that worked with me ,for a very long time made it possible . He poured his heart and soul into getting me into a better and safer car . He was wonderful and really knows his job . Jay Grimes is his name and I've recommended him too anyone I could that's looking for a car . He understood my limits and somehow made it happen . The whole experience was made so much easier because he truly cared . Your company is fortunate lucky too have him representing KIA . He's a huge asset too your product . I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jay and my Soul . Thank you for Jay .

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I purchased KIA 2012 Optimu in July of 2013. This came with a warranty. We were pleased with this purchase, except the second set of keys had been lost prior to purchase, and we needed two sets of keys for safety and convience. This request was placed in the paperwork at dealership. After several weeks of waiting for our second key, we contacted the dealership, both with numerous calls and visits. We live 30 miles away, and this was as 60 mi trip for us several times. Finally we told the key had not arrived. After insistence from us they produced a second key. We thought great everything is okay!!! After several days we realized everything was not okay. The two remotes were different and were not programmed to work together. I used my car, parked it in the driveway and locked it. I left on a business trip to be away for several days. My keys were with me, after all we had two working sets. My husband went out to use his car only to find he could not even unlock the car and the alarm system screamed , alerting people that he was attempting to steal his own car. Meanwhile the authorities were called and he was accused of attempted car theft.We called the dealership and we were told by the service department that we were not using the remotes correctly. We took the car back, remember this is a 60 miles round trip,and were told the romotes worked fine. The service manager came in with this information. We instructed him to use the second set of keys. Finally they decided to listen to us and find we were not dementied and stupid.After 3 months of this we were provided with a second remote that works with the original remote. We thought our problems were finally over and everthing was worked out. Well it was not. I will try and be calm and postive, but my husband and myself were placed in great danger and harm, due to the lack of information and customer service. I need to add that we are retired, senior citizens, and this car purchase was very important to us.We live in a small community,30 miles from the KIA Dealership in Pocatella, Idaho. We had gone grocery shopping and had just pulled onto the interstate when our tire blew. It was snowing and raining, but we thought will we will put the spare on and be on our way and get the tire fixed. My husband opened the trunk and opened the area where you would assume the spare is located, to only find a little case labeled emergency kit. We called the dealorship to ask for assistance only to be rudely informed that we had means to fix our tire. We connected this bike like pump to the tire. It did nothing, the service rudely told us this was a safe means of fixing tire and we neede to calm down that we did not have this pump attached properly. We were treated like we were stupid, demented people. We both have college degress with graduate training. We have both pumped up bike tires many times. Finally the little emergency can blow up!!!We were first told there was nothing they could do for us and we were on our own. We were rudely told to call our Insurance Company and make them responsible for our problems. We do have KIA Roadside towing. We were told that they could not provide assistance in calling them for us. My husband uses hearing aids and trouble hearing on cell phones. We finally contaced KIA towing, only to be put on hold. We first had to provide information,to verify that we indeed could use this service. This took up time as this could have been provided at the dealership.We we were told that we had to provide the adequate milemarker, and were expected to get out of the car and walk back on the interstate to provide this information.There were numerous trucks traveling by.Instead of listening to us, it was decided to send a towtruck from Twin Falls,Id, which is 130miles away.We were only 3 miles away from the dealership in Pocetella, Idaho. After waiting two hours a tow truck arrives. Our car was towed to the dealership in Poc,Ida. Our trip is ruined, but we are told there is a warranty on them and not to worry. Thge paperwork for these tires was never provided to us. When we ask why we did not have a spare tire and jack, we were rudely told that was optional equipement that we did not purchase when we bought the car!!!We were never informed that this needed to be purchased.We were told that if we wanted a spare we would have to buy a bundle package for 200 dollars. Also that item would have to be ordred and could take up to 5 days to arrive.Why were we not informed of this extra purchase as we would have gladly added this to our financing? Due to your neglect, we were placed in great harm and danger. Your fix a flat just does not cut it. You need to inform customers of this added expense before they are placed in dangerous situations. It should not be necessary to have to call a tow truck for a flat tire. This a a complete waste of money.We purchased this car from the Nissan/KIA dealership in Pocatello, Idaho. They need to start treating their customers more respectful and listen to them. We are not stupid, we are the customers. Of course customer service just does exist anymore.I feel my husbands and my safety is very important. I do not think there is anyone out there that would simply carry a can of fix a flat, maybe if they were riding a bike.

Posted by angiekmhayden

My name
Angie mercer
I bought a 2014 kia forte it came with a bad tire from humble Hyundai in Tx on 1906 in houston I will tell my family and friends about how they did not replace a tire told us we had to im not buying a new tire for a brand new car they should of fix it be fore we got it it is under the lime law for them to replace not knot can go any time so got a brand new car can't even drive do to that tire I go out of town to take care of my grandma cant even do that r go take care of my mother in law as well both not doing good I will never go back to a hyundai dealer ship here in houston r baytown tx they bought them out if yall cant help I will go higher up u would not want these to happen to u so .think about what kind of issues we r having we own one car so it is hard for the both of us .

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