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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Got a power washer terrible time trying to start. Return to dealer stated it was the nature of the beast, deal with it

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a $43,000.00 Tractor from Murphy Farm and Lawn in Anderson, Mo back in December, 2013. I bought this tractor to use in the hay field. Needless to say, It had only 43 hours on it the first time we took it too the field. Went about 500 ft. and tractor pto quit and tractor overheated. Immediately called dealer for service call. They made it out 2 days later, got the pto fixed but it was still overheating. Forgot to mention a couple of months ago the hydrolic pump went out so they came and got the tractor and had it for 2 weeks to just replace the pump. On with current situation, they came out a second time and replaced the thermostat to fix overheating problem. I was on my way to the field and it was still over heating. Called dealer again on 7/2/14 they said they would be out. Called back said it would be a week (7/9/14). That was yesterday and still nothing. Called dealer this morning and all I am getting is the runaround. Can someone help me or do I need to go trade it in for a Kubota? I have 4 Kubota's and their service puts John Deere to shame. HELP!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 4310 John Deere utility tractor which has an Ehydro hydrostatic transmission. It started jerking back and forth. It had about 600 hours on it. I knew I didn't have the diagnostic equipment to check it out myself, so I brought it to my local Dealer. E S Voelker in Alexandria Louisiana. They assured me they would do nothing before letting me know, after they figured out what was wrong. They called me a couple weeks later and said that my tractor wasn't worth fixing. About a $14,000 tractor, not worth fixing? He said the entire hydraulic system was full of metal from the transmission and it would cost more to fix it than what it was worth. So he asked me if I wanted him to change the filters and oil. I said NO! if it's not worth fixing I don't want to spend anything on it. Just put the old oil back in it and close it up and I'll come get it. Well he called me back about week later said come get it. I brought it home and about a week later a junk dealer contacted me to see if I wanted to sell it, hmmm. That sounded a little suspicious. E S Voelker sent me a bill for $700. So they charged me $700 dollars to say they couldn't fix my tractor. I called them and let them know what I thought and they finally took off the bill. But told me to do my business somewhere else. Fine with me. I eventually brought it to a private mechanic and guess what. There was not any metal in it. I ran it for a couple more months and it started jerking again so I bought it back and still no metal in it. The hydraulic system is clean and the pumps where disassembled and they looked brand new. There was an electronic relay problem with it. Do you think they were trying to steal my tractor? The next tractor I buy will be ORANGE!

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the local Polaris dealer with my kubota rv900 that has head gasket troubles and they were going to call me about a trade prise on a new Polaris. I thought while I was warring I go to sloans right next door in Monroe wi for I had a ferret before and liked it now mind u I'm a old guy and I'm used to a few things the salesman never asked my name never shook my hand never really showed me any act of kindness at all I guess the buss in the country side is true about sloan in. Wi by the way I met the salesman from kalshur implement in there parking lot he was picking up parts for something they had and bought from him he thought it was great deers really needs to look at this and see if its the way for them now mind u I'm old but um

Posted by bobby

I purchased the John Deere tractor about 8 years ago there's not one piece of the plastic body that is not cracked or falling off what a piece of garbage ..I never seen anything cheaper my life a milk jug is stronger than the body of that tractor I am so disappointed and I will be writing bad reviews every where I can find and complaining and down talking Jonquiere tractors for the rest of my life sick but I spent 60000 on that tractor plus the finance fees .ts the biggest hunk of crap I've ever seen in my life and I have purchased for John Deere tractors over my lifetime I should have never bought this piece of plastic crap

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