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Posted by Anonymous

I forgot my password, phoned on an 0845 number, waited for being transferred for ages, had to put phone down, still dont know my password to access my account, what can I do?

Posted by Anonymous

I need the policy # for the Quay in Oceanen city Md or if you could e-mail me a copy of the policy.


Tom Geisser

Posted by Anonymous

ING has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with.

I have been trying to resolve a problem with one of my mother's annuities for a month now. Mom had two annuities from ING. When she died, my brother and I had to fill out reams of paperwork so they could be distributed between us. Long story short, one got distributed quite promptly, but the other has not yet been.

So last week on a day I had off of work I called the ING Customer Support line, to find out what was holding it up.

When I called, I was put on hold. So I waited. And waited. And waaaaaaiiiiiiited. For FORTY MINUTES. Listening to the tinniest, most distorted music track I’ve ever heard. Of course, every minute or two the music would be interrupted by a voice saying “Your call is important to us!” Just not important enough to actually hire someone to answer it.

When someone finally answered the phone, I could barely hear or understand her. This was clearly the cheapest call center in Bangalore. I struggled to get her to understand what I was calling about. She had no clue. She finally put me on hold so she could go ask someone else my question. After several minutes, she came back on and gave me a totally nonsensical answer. I tried to explain it to her, but it was hopeless. Eventually, I gave up.

So yesterday I tried again. Got in line. Waited. Finally the call was answered by a man who I could barely hear or understand. I tried to explain why I was calling. He said he couldn’t answer. He said I should call this other number. I pointed out that that was the number I’d dialed. He wouldn’t believe me. He then said that the person who could answer my question was ‘busy’, so he would transfer me to an answering machine, and the person would call me back ‘sometime in the next 24 hours’. I said that wasn’t acceptable. He didn’t care. He transferred me, and after waiting FIVE MINUTES on hold FOR AN ANSWERING MACHINE, I hung up.

So this morning I called the broker who’d sold the annuity to Mom. I figured that, while ING might feel comfortable treating its customers like dirt, they’d probably be more careful with the people who were actually selling their products. Well, the guy said that he’s been having the same problems getting ahold of them. He thinks they switched call centers at the first of the year, and the new one is having a rough start-up. If that’s what’s going on, then whoever was in charge of switching call centers should be fired. After they’re tarred and feathered and boiled in oil.

If you value your sanity, don’t ever do business with ING.

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service is awful. I called your help number only to get someone in the Philippines who kept me on the phone for over an hour with no resolution. I am a former General Agent with your company, so I intimately know how things should work. My client and I are totally fed up with your life insurance customer service department. I have been a General Agent for over 30 years and I can safely state that your CSR department is without a doubt, the worst I have had ever dealt with. Too bad. From: John Scifo

Posted by Ken

In March I received a letter from Sears Financial indicating I needed to make an election on my small pension. I chose lump sum distribution. ING received my request for lump sum on 03/26. I called to varify that you had received my request during the 1st week in April. A very pleasant agent checked for me and said that my request had been through auditing and was in processing. I asked when I could expect to receive the money. He indicated that most payments go out the 1st of the month. I asked if I could expect payment around May 1st--He replied yes but that I should check once a week on the status.

On subsequent checks, status remained the same --In processing. At a late april call, I was told that it could take up to 45 days for processing. I indicated that there was no indication of that 48 day period in the letter or the 1st call. I explained that I had scheduled a Vacation beginning the 1st of June based on the info I was given by ING.

I was depending on the money and could they please expidite my payment. The answer then and during subsequent calls was that nothing could be done. Very, very Poor customer service. Can anyone in your company help me with this issue?

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