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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

What is the part and labor on a Haier Dishwasher ModSer# FAI was told at one time the labor was 1 year and wash motor 2 years?

Posted by 28 inc

I never expected this type of service center at tambaram (Tamil Nadu)very bad communication,

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a haier tv last boxing day and it shorted out on dec third. I contacted haier and they stated it was within their warranty. I faxed in information and they said everything was clear and the process would be done within 7 to 10 business days. Since then i have received nothing but lies and people at their call center saying they would handle things, "escalate" this claim,call me back and communicate via email and they have done none of these things. It is now Jan. 12 . who knows if I will ever receive a replacement. No one seems to know what is going on and has no problem lying to you again and again. This has been the worst customer service i have ever received and would encourage people to not buy these products just so you would not have to deal with this so called customer support.

Posted by Pauline Cunningham

I have spent a long time today trying to register my new larder fridge.

The form has been rejected 5 times for different reasons:

1 The serial number was not recognised (It was correct)

2 The price must be entered in numbers.

I have tried £145




All have been rejected

I now have a message telling me to ring
I am told I am 2nd in the queue and will be answered in 1 minuteI have held for over 10 minutes and the message did not vary.

I am reluctant to post the warranty in case the information I give is unacceptable

Posted by collegegirl3149

My mom bought me a compact refrigerator back in June for my college dorm. The unit worked fine and then one day it just stopped working and I had to throw all of the food I had in it out. My mom called the customer service line and let them know about the refrigerator and they asked for pictures and paperwork in order to send us a replacement refrigerator. Once my mom had done all of that they finally sent us the replacement refrigerator, but the replacement refrigerator had a huge dent in it. My parents were confused as to why they chose to send us a dented refrigerator, but none the less we contacted customer service and let them know and sent them pictures and went through more paperwork in order to get another replacement.

we waited for a month and never received the replacement. My mom constantly called customer service asking about the status of our order and one guy told her the order

was processed Dec.11 and that he

would email the tracking number for our unit and we should receive it the refrigerator last Monday or Tuesday from today ( a few days before Christmas). My mom never received a tracking number nor did

we receive a refrigerator. At this point my family is frustrated to the point of thinking about a law suit on Haier. I told my mom I would call and pose as her because she can sometimes be a little to nice

when it comes to getting


we deserve. I had did my research on the customer service so I

was expecting the


which is what I got. I told the each rep I talked to I

wanted a refund and they could keep their stupid refrigerator which

would probably be a messed up one again, but no one could help me "approve" the refund and that they would have to transfer me to a supervisor, but every "supervisor" I spoke to couldn't help me either. One lady said she would send an email to the "executives" asking to put in the refund request and that I should know by today if it is in or not. So expecting them not to call today I called them asking about the refund email and no one knew what I was talking about or could help me. So I asked for the executives number so I could talk to them personally(I'm furious and threatening to sue the company at this point). The girl gave me a fake number because when I called no one answered and I actually looked up the Haier corporate number and it was completely

different. Finally I spoke to a guy named Jim who was The Director of customer service and he was surprised that we went through his long process since Oct. He was the only person who actually helped me with the refund and gave me his personal cell phone number and everything should anything go wrong.He also sent me a screenshot of the request form for documentation proof. We will have to wait 7-10 business days for the refund to be approved and sent to us, so well see what happens. But I feel motivated re comfortable that I now can get in touch with one of the corporate executives should things go left again. this is the corporate number for Haier if you're having issues don't waste time with customer service go straight for the big dogs they're obviously the only ones who can make things happen.

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Haier deploys networking strategy, increases warranties

"To set the standard of exemplary customer service for the whole industry, Haier, as an air-conditioner market leader, hereby announces the extension of our three-year warranty campaign to five years. Other Haier products are also included in the ...

Haier to complete move to Wayne later this year

The Wayne space will include a showroom, training centers and customer service operations. Wayne Mayor Christopher Vergano welcomed the move, which follows decisions by other large corporate residents, including Bayer Healthcare - which had 2,500 ...

Haier Expands Americas Headquarters in New Jersey

Renovations will transform the 56,000 square-foot facility at 1800 Valley Road. It will be home to Haier America's current staff and offers room for future expansion. The space will also include a new showroom, training centers, and customer service ...

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