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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Keep repeating the word, "representative" through all messaging. Takes about 4-5 times.
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    • 7am-10pm CST
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

After having a FedEx driver fly by my home numerous times (25mph zone) I called 1-800-GO-FEDEX. Select or say drivers. You will be sent to an actual human. Tell him/her whats going on. The will create a case with a case number. Keep the case number just in case :-) Good luck n stay safe!

Posted by Jessie10798

A FedEx driver drove through my neighborhood(20 mph speed limit) at 83 mph (there was a radar thing that tells your speed right outside the neighborhood) and almost ran over me and my friend when we were on skateboards (broke my skateboard btw) and I would like to report it. It happened at 2:09 eastern time (-5:00 gmt) and the license plate was C345034. I don't care if you reimburse me for the loss of a skateboard, but I just want this problem to be fixed.

Posted by EDGAR is the Customer service te


I called Fed after I saw a notice that My parcel had the wrong address , excuse me "INCORRECT ADDRESS" and that the parcel was being returned . It is an A/C unit for my automobile that was desperately needed . I saw from the shipping information "TRACKING NUMBER the parcel would arrive early in the morning. I had contacted a friend of mine to install it for me . Something was wrong , I began to feel . my friend waiting patiently with his tools at my house with no A/C replacement arriving.

I called FEDEX CUSTOMER SERVICE which I'll now refer to it as "LYING EDGAR", from this point on. Lying Edgar informed me that the email was an incorrect description on why my parcel was being returned . (lie #1) He said that the SENDER had told FEDEX to stop shipment of the parcel immediately and wanted it returned (LIE#2). I told him that I wanted the parcel and to tell the driver that the address was correct and that I needed it now. Lying Edgar said that the parcel was being shipped back , it was already on its way back.(lie #3).

I told him I had retired frm the industry and that I knew that although the computer said it was on it's way back to the sender , that in fact was on the delivery truck and to bring it to my house as the address was correct.. He kept me on hold for an extremely long length of time , coming back on the phone to tell me that it was not on the delivery truck , but it was now on a truck going back to sender.. I said I will call them.

They (the sender) did not ask for it to be returned . they called fedex and fedex told them to basically F off they were getting their package back . It gets worse , There is a reason Fedex starts with a f.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot find a way to file a complaint about a Fed Ex driver. I am an OTR driver myself and was traveling down interstate 80 in Nebraska this morning, April 11, 2014 when I passed a Fed Ex driver who had pulled his privacy curtain completely across his side window. He was not even able to see his driver side mirror. This is absolutely outrages. He cannot see if someone is passing him, he would not be able to see an emergency vehicle coming up on his driver side. He could see NOTHING. Flat out ignorant and dangerous. If you can put me in tough with the proper folks at Fed Ex .. I do have pictures of the truck with curtain pulled and I have the truck number.

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service is awful and very unprofessional!!! You have a recording it takes your information then you retransferred to a live operator, who then makes you repeat everything over again. This is crazy you need to fix your service!!

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