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Customer Service

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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

HORRIBLE Customer service. Spoke with 2 different service reps who didn't even appear to know the name of their company. I was trying to report a downed phone line caused by an accident and both reps acted like they had no idea at all how to send someone to repair it. We will see if it even gets fixed. Horrible Horrible Horrible

Posted by Anonymous

Your web site says, "To reach a live person, Press 1, then Press 2, then Press #." It also claims to be active 24/7. Well, following directions gets you a recording that says the office is closed and then disconnects the call. Apparently, I managed to call outside the 24/7 window! Congratulations on having established your service department outside the laws of particle physics and quantum mechanics. You might get a Nobel prize for this. Now if you could only repair the line to the house and restore phone service.....

Posted by joangengaro

This is the second night I tried to get help with my email. Both times the message said that it would be more than 10 minutes. Last time I waited 20 minutes and finally hung up. I am now waiting on hold and will hang up again as soon as I am finished writing this message. This is really pathetic customer service. I am going to have to reevaluate my telephone and internet service.

Posted by Tine

I'm being harassed by the company about having a bill and I've never had they're service. They are trying to tell me that I have a bill from 2005, and like I said, I never had an account through them.....I had vonage for a phone service then.

Posted by Contact help/Embarq

^THe ServiceSucks!!! Call back Monday? I need tech help with a live english speaking person NOW!!!!(saturday!)

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