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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Select your product and then you can talk to a live customer service rep
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    • Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm CST
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I am a paying member of pogo...if I wanted to play with the adds and intermissions I would have never joins...getting a hold of anyone regarding problems is ridiculous getting annoying...what seems to be the problem tonight unable to log in and left to play with adds and such...what is going on

Posted by Anonymous

I need to speak with customer service regarding charges. .

Jackie Lewis

Posted by jkbattle03

So far the customer service is poor. There is no "customize and control Origins button" labeled as directed by Amazon. The button just says Origin and is in a completely different place, and I am very unhappy that I cannot talk to a human. The articles shown were worse than useless. Live chat should be used, or an actual contact phone number. I would rather wait on hold than this mess I am being forced to deal with now. Incredibly annoying!
Your site is difficult to navigate and not user friendly at all. I eventually found out how to do what I needed by trial and error long before I got a call back from any EA personnel. "Customer Service" is not really a label you can apply to this site.

Posted by VACatlin

Your customer service is a joke. I need to speak to a person. I purchased a game from pogo on

2/27/2013. I played it for awhile and then when I tried to play it again and a message came up telling me to purchase the game. I am not going to buy it twice. My order

I am not tech savvy. I need all the help I can get. My phone number is . I really like the game.

Posted by Anonymous

-y Sims 3 say code already used. This is anew game from Best Buys. Sims three starter pack. The other two are fine except for Sims 3. Call at

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Thankfully EA Won't Be The Worst Company of The Year

EA won and took the criticism publicly, by stating they had revamped some of their customer service needs. They accepted the fact they made some mistakes such as shutting down serviers too early and of course screwing up SimCity. Lucky them, they lost ...

If EA Isn't The Worst Company In America, Who Is?

Comcast is a communications company with poor customer service. Monsanto is a company that is playing both God and Lawyer with America's fresh food supply. One of those things is a lot more important than the other. Congratulations To Comcast, Your ...

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