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    • Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm CST
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User Reviews

Posted by bliss1071

I am hopping mad!

I have been trying for months to get in touch with ANYONE that will help me with a problem with your billing of POGO!

I have gone to EA online many times and no one ever gets back to me! I GET AN EMAIL SAYING SOMEONE WILL CONTACT ME BUT THEY NEVER DO!

I am being billed $6.48 every month out of my checking account for POGO Club which I am not receiving! This has been going on for many many months. I am an old lady on a fixed income and that money could help pay for my medications!!!!

I want you to stop stealing my money and refund the money you have already stolen!

This is my last attempt at resolving this situation. My next step will be to file a complaint with the Attorney General of my state, Washington and with your state California.

I am fed up with trying to contact your company with no response or resolution to my problem!

Your online service (what a joke) at EA is awful�.there is no service and no way to contact a human! I have tried numerous times over the last months and I have saved the communications to prove it!!!! What a terrible way to do business!!

Doris K. Bliss

Posted by oxzyranger

I am an avid player of EA games in the UK and played them since Fifa 96 on my trusty but old Sega Megadrive.
I have had every Fifa football game since then, not to mention need for speed and other amazing titles!
I now own a Wiiu and have Fifa 13 which for a console of the same caliber as a PS3 and Xbox 360 is not a patch on the other 2 versions.
Now with the rising hardware sales of the Wiiu thanks to Mario Kart 8 and other great titles being released in the coming months, why is there not a planned version of Fifa 15 or even a tweaked version of Fifa 14 to keep me and i am sure many many other Wiiu owners as i am sure a version would easily be ported over?

Posted by gohan701 (ps3 i.d.)

why on my ps3 battlefield 4 operation locker at the b on conquest it freezes on heavy fire on both attack and defends?

Posted by sdgardn60

iam very upset with pogo.com i have had it for years,got it for my husband all of a sudden his games will not load with out advertisments and everytime i try to talk to anyone they want money do not have any so i would like this credit like credit for this and i will never renew the games again

Posted by Anonymous

EA, I got a new computer and attempted to install the Sims 3 on it, but I lost my registration code! Where can I get a new code so that I will be able to play the Sims 3 again?

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