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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Jean Baker of your loss mitigation department has given my soon to ex wife a loan modification even though I have signed nothing. my soon to be ex-wife and I have not even been to court yet.
I will be contacting a real estate atty. today.
My step daughter has cooked meth in this house, that's why I moved out.
I informed Jean of this fact and she smarted off to me and doesn't have a problem with forgery either apparently. See you soon.

Posted by Anonymous

Citi Mortgage 2 months ago took over our mortgage from OneMain. Our payment is due on the 20th of each month. I just today received the statement for the month of March. Is this the way this company try to collect past due amounts from their customers ? I check the Post Office daily. is there a reason that makes sense for this fowl up ? We are located in New Mexico, it's not that far from Arizona is it ? Can your company reply to this?

Posted by pjswanson

amazing I have had all the problems that are listed below, whoa be to the dummies that deregulated banks to begin with. This mortgage company needs to go under. I talked to Quicken extremely nice helpful people, they wanted to do my loan but cant cause Freddie mac is too tight, Lucy Haddad is horrible, sends same stuff over and over and never returns calls. There has to be some organization out there that can make this bank get their stuff together, they are awful awful and I did not have a choice, they bought my loan. Nobody should willingly do business with these people

Posted by Close the Bank

Please be advised that CitiMortgage or Citibank does not have actual loan officers they could not pass the state tests that are required by mortgage brokers or Mortgage bankers they hide under the federal charter laws and they use collection agents to submit refinance applications with zero training and or mortgage knowledge go to a local broker or banker for a refinance or purchase money mortgage do not waste your time money or sanity with Citi. As far as concerns regarding modifications, same story from upper management to supposed titled Support Specialists they have no idea of what they are doing!!! When the assistance programs were first enacted they were modifying mortgages based upon unemployment income which is non-sustainable and a year later was reprimanded by US Government should had only gave reduced payments for up to 6 months under Unemployment program. Then started giving modifications to a divorced couple, with only 1 signature and a quit claim deed. No good since quit claim deed only relinquishes that spouses claim to ownership of the home will remain legally liable for debt until satisfied. Now Citi is trying to get the other spouse's signature on the modification agreement by sending a $100.00 gift card!! Wow let me locate my dead beat abusive spouse to sign these documents 2 years later, I don't think so!! All these stories are 100% true and amazingly it is with every lender since they do not want to pay a decent salary nor do they want knowledgeable employees since they do not want to be held accountable?? It is pass the buck around here!!! Your documents that you faxed in always missing? Fax servers and e-mails are uploaded off-shore in Manilla Phillippines, Mr Jones's paystubs were uploaded into Mr Smiths account that is why they say we never received them. Now all the lay-offs and servicing will be predominantly handled off-shore to save these too big to fail Banks reduce their costs and show a profit for their investors at the hands of the US tax payer whom bailed them out is just amazing

Posted by Jason Mac

this company has completely ruined the experience of buying my first home and now apparently im stuck in it for life.. two years ago they tried to foreclose on my home but it was there fault by miss applying my funds to somewhere else.. Lucky for me I am a 100% disabled vet from wounds I received in Iraq so the being a VA loan I had them get involved and do their own investigation. The VA kept them from foreclosing and auctioning off my house every month.. this caused me several medical issues along the way.. finally after a year and a half the investigation concluded I was right and citi was wrong.. It only cost me my credit and they added on a $10k modification fee onto my account when it was their fault to begin with. They also want me to pay for $5k attorneys fees, but again because they are complete idiots they want me to pay the price for their incompetence. I was even part of the class action law suit and was paid a check because of their scams... I think citi mortgage is the devils work and they are now holding me and my mortgage hostage. I bought this house brand new in 08` and owe more now than when I bought it 6 years ago. how does that happen.. im referring my case to the dept of justice and will be getting an attorney..

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