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Customer Service

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    • Keep pressing 0 once recording begins.
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    • 24/7
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User Reviews

Posted by hmhjennings

I am unable to receive my email and send messages Has been two weeks since the problem appeared, I am with Yahoo... and am very upset !!!!!Helen Jennings

Posted by Anonymous

If we don't start getting better service from CHARTER, and our tv cable stays on...We will be getting service somewhere else..
We are sick and tired of explaining what is wrong, and getting the same excuse, and most of the time, the people we talk with are clear over on the east coast, they couldn't care less...Sure we were important, when we got CHARTER, but forget the problems, they don't even know what is going on, even when they send a tech out... we get calls from a recorded message, that our cable is back on, and the cable, and the tv is always still off, and a promise on the tv screen that the cable will be back on shortly.. last time "SHORTLY" was almost 3 days.......

Posted by Dadams

Had Charter for about 3 months and thought it was great. Then one day everything went out phone, TV and internet. I called at least 14 times over a weeks time. Each time I had to repeat my story. I was promised a supervisor would call back within a certain time frame - no call back from anyone. The last time I called was the day my neighbors across the street were having Charter installed as a new customer. I was told there were no service trucks available and it would be at least 2 days before one could come out. I informed the CSR that there were 2 Charter trucks sitting in my neighbors driveway right now. Couldn't we contact one of them and have them come fix. I was told install and repair techs are different. 2 days later the same tech that installed my neighbors new cable came to fix mine!! He said if someone had told him he could have fixed us in about 5 minutes. There was a bad part in the box at the road. I called Charter back and blasted them - no one really seemed to care. New install they are all over you. Loyal existing customer they could care less about you. I hate it and am thinking of dropping and getting a digital antenna and Netflix!!Charter has horrible service!!!!!

Posted by bev

I have fought with charter over a $25 credit supposed to have been put on my bill 3 months ago! They do not care about customers or doing the right thing for them....I was lied to numberous times and am looking for a customer service line that deals with real customer issues and can not find a single person that is willing to do the right thing! They would rather loose a customer than give a promised $25 credit!

Posted by DTA

No help whatsoever, spin you from one agent to another. Quickly claim to send an email to escalate a fix to your service. take your contact number with a claim of a supervisor returning your call. I know this because I have made over 25 phone calls to them in a 3 week period to get our cable service, internet and phone fixed, which they claim the squirrels have chewed through. The worse service I have ever received in my life from ANYTHING.

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