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Customer Service

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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 2 for technical support
      Press 4 for "incident-based support"
  • Hours of Operation:
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  • Email:
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  • Customer service link:
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  • Description:
    • The "incident-based support" is not free.

      Sprint Blackberry customers can also call 877-654-9111.

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, my name is Michael. please i cant remember my blackberry ID password and answer to my security question. please i need help. thanks

Posted by sarah

Hi sorry to bother u, when I bought my blackberry prob a year ago I wasn't given a downloadeable disc for the pc how do I get one, coz I need to run scans on my phone an other security apps

Posted by Anonymous

This was the second time my BB9360 went in for repair. I am totally not satisfied with the service because this phone is still under warranty and the assessment report stated that there was physical Damage. MTN was working on the phone. I had the phone for nearly 4 months when it started freezing and nothing was wrong with the charging of the phone. After it came back from the technical repair my phone did not want to charge. I did under no circumstances damaged my phone for you to say it is unrepearable. Please can you assist me in the correct email address for me to contact blackberry. End of July the warranty expires and I cannot keep loosing money by buying a Black Berry and the it starts these problems. There is al lot of problems I read on the internet regarding this model of the Black Berry.

So please assist me with the Black Berry complaint department email address or are you going to assist me? I bought it through American Swiss and and cannot struggle each time when the phone is send in. I love my black berry and do not want another phone, but this phone was not damaged by me

Posted by Q5

Hi, I forget all my passwords both email BlackBerry ID even my email address. Please help as this is the second time asking BlackBerry support to assist me on this matter. I even changed my telephone number thought maybe it will work. I plea to you to help.

Posted by nasrene

Hi I forgot my blackberry I'd password I can't reset it as I can't remember the answer I know the user name and it's been 2 months I tried to retrieve my password as I am upgrading I require my password can anyone help

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