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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I have been followed around your Chino Hills store as I waited for my husband to pick out and purchase his books. I was "covertly" followed/watched by your mgr and asst mgr, I believe, because I had my service dog with me. When we first came in, I showed the mgr on duty my dog's new id tag, and told him I had decided to buy it because of the interaction previously with them, where I was asked to carry my dog, unless I had paperwork certification "proving" that she is a service dog. I showed her Calufirnia Assistance Dog metal license from the Humane Society, and said that they really were breaking the Federal ADA laws to even ask that. I gave them a card I carry to educate them on the law. I even came back 2 days later to bring them a printout of the laws, and their responsibilities under these lwas. They were unaware and uneducated about them. I offered to teach their staff about the ADA laws and let them meet my dog. They declined. I feel very upset and insulted that I have been singled out by these staff members to be treated this way, and feel that it was bias against a handicapped person. I strongly recommend you make them aware that this is against the federal laws and they and your company could face charges and be sued for damages.

Posted by Anonymous

your store located at 5303 fm 1960 west Houston,ex 77069 is the coldest store I've ever been in. the customber service desk say it is controlled by the new York office. I really hate that a chain must control temperature from across the country. we southerners don't like it cold. its barely 74 outside, I think normal comfortable temperature is around 76/77. this is absurd and also customer service said she'd been begging you guys to turn the dang thing off. oh, and your store located in the woodlands tx, at he woodlands mall, has a tip jar.....really, REALLY tacky...

Posted by Anonymous

Very poor customer service. Received book for Christmas that I had already read. Went to return it only to find the Pasadena CA stored closed... No notice to customers. When I finally was able to get to another store ( which was an inconvenience) they cited a 60 day return policy (it was 64 days since the purchase & exactly 60 days since I received gift on Christmas. ) all they offered was about 1/2 the price paid. I told my story to B&N twice, then had my phone call cut off. They hadn't even gotten my contact info...which should be the first thing the ask. And they didn't sound like they were willing to do anything about it anyway! I'm disgusted with their lack of service. And the person who bought me the book, and made sure I had the cash receipt available to provide, NEVER would have bought the book at B&N if she knew the stored would be closed less than a week later. So another reason to support your local independent bookstore. I'll make a point to diss B&N to everyone I can. We already did a twitter post!

Posted by noel salvador

I called about my problem with my nook and was patiently servd by Ben at around 8:30AM Guam time on feb 8. Ben told me that everything is in my record so the nxt time I call whoever will help me will know what the problem is. Today, feb 11 I called 4x the life cut off 4x. Just to discuss over and over I wasted my time for nothing. One guy was checking if my device should changed for a new one, but the line was cut off. Please do something with this.

Posted by Customer24

I ordered 2 DVDs from a store media center. I was charged for them and then they cancelled the order the next day because it could not be filled. They never contacted me and they did not issue my refund until I phoned them and demanded they do so. They could not help at the store and was forced to register on their website to get the contact phone number. I found this site and had it in seconds. They will be out of business in no time with this kind of service and at this day and age. I won't order from them again and I won't renew my membership.

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