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Customer Service

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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

This poor customer support doesn't just apply to students. I'm in a company that has a few dozen yearly subscriptions of inventor professional... I'm guessing around 30 k a year in profit for autodesk... I haven't once received support from that company. They are the worst.

Posted by natethehix

What Does It Take To Talk To Or Email A Real Person!!!!! I Don't Want Your "vitual Agents" Give Me A Break! My Question Is Specific, Why Can't I Talk To Anyone!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Posted by POED

Yes, support is CRAP! after using autodesk for many years its time to find somthing else.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't think anyone actually works at Autodesk, but they sure know how to get a hold of you when they want your money!

Posted by upcdaisy

I agree with every comment. Companies have SO abused phone technology! If there is a way around having a "real person" talk to you, they will employ "it" not the person. Save that almighty dollar and frustrate all your potential customers…yesireeeee….that's the way to grow your business. Businesses can come down just like they go up! Just wait and see Autodesk!

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Autodesk Establishes Global Foundation to Accelerate Design-Led Revolution

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