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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I am getting several harassing phone calls from a telemarketer use in your company. I call to report it and nobody will help me. I reported it online along with many other people about the same number. Please look into it and do something about it! I am leaving a bad review because nobody would help me with this problem concert in another one of your customers who I can I get back to.

Posted by Twijit

When I switch my service to the 10G shared plan for my family at a AT&T Wireless store, I got in a horrible place because the place my IPAD on the account but not cancelling my prepaid service on the IPAD at all (though they said they had).

Edward Trice (customer service) went way above and beyond to ensure he corrected the situation with as little impact on me and my time as possible. The Pre-paid /post-paid service should under one customer service control.

All the positive comments below are towards Edward only.

A big thank you to Edward Trice

Posted by

Calling At&t is worst than going to the Dentist. You are put on hold, the reps are rude. I called At&t 9 times on Monday February trying to find out why my bill online has been consolidated into my wireless, home phone, and U-Verse without my authorization.I also wanted to know why my home phone is being charged when i asked that complete choice be cut off. I was transferred each 9 times that I called after being told that I had to go over the issue each time and then being told I would be transferred. I held on the phone on one transfer 27 minutes by a MRS. Padilla who said she was a supervisor. I am now in the process of seeing if PSC can help get my issues resolved.

Posted by mela0143

I absolutely cant stand att any more!!! They absolutely disgust me... wait times on the phone is ridiculous. Calling for the 5th time today.... coroporate isnt any better.... time to wait another 9 mins just to get someone on who just isnt goung to be able to help me.. maybe I should just switch to verizon.

Posted by Anonymous

At first I called and I spoke to Brittany Lyons ID at first she was nice but I got aggravated because she kept putting me on hold for about 30 min without even clicking over and letting me know what she was doing . While I was on hold I was talking to my fiancé who was sitting right next to me. We were talking about someone and she thought I was talking about her so she kept adding on to the conversation. Okay first of all that's really unprofessional your suppose to be helping me with understanding my bill but instead your adding on to my conversation . She thought I was calling her names when really the conversation was never about her in the first place which I informed her but she ignored me and put me on hold. I tried to be nice but she did it for the second time so I asked to speak to a manager and that's when she hung up on me after I been waiting for about an hour and a half. That's when I called to cancel my service because I did not appreciate the way I was being treated by someone who's suppose to help me . I wish AT&T would take the appropriate action for this misbehavior. Thank you

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